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Gym Membership Prices


Gym Membership Prices
Term Pay-As-You-Go Discounted Rate*
3 years $15 per week $14 per week
2 years $16.50 per week $15 per week
1 year $19 per week $17 per week
6 months $20 per week $19 per week
3 months $23 per week $20 per week
Start & Stop
(min. 2 months)
$25 per week
(prepaid or direct debit required)
Visitor Pass $30 per week
(prepaid or direct debit required)
*Discounted Memberships are available to Students, Families, Couples or Friends all joining all at the same time.
Joining by yourself? Then earn a Frequent Trainer's Discount by visiting the gym 2+ times a week to establish a fitness routine.


Personal Training Prices
Personal Training Per Hour Per ½ Hour
Get professional, individual attention during your workouts. It will motivate and focus you for the best possible Results! $60 $35


Casual Gym Visitors Prices
Casual Visitors Regular Fee
Includes all Results classes, full use of gym equipment. Facilities include spacious showers.1 week pass $30 $15


Gym Concession Cards
Concession Cards 8 Visits 15 Visits 30 Visits
Includes full use of gym equipment. Facilities include spacious showers. Our concession cards have no expiry and 2 people can share a card for greater flexibility. Nice one! $96
($12 each visit)
($10 each visit)
($8.50 each visit)


Yoga and Nia are upstairs!  Get unlimited gym use along with full use of the Evolve yoga studio upstairs. $325 for a 3 month minimum . For more info about Evolve, check out their web site.
Everyone can get a discount: bring a mate, pre pay your membership, or just have super attendance and we'll give you a great deal.

You pay only one total cost at Results. No joining or administration fees. All accounts are handled in-house and finance companies are never involved. Results is a family run business.




Our talented and highly trained professionals are on hand to assist you to reach your fitness goals:

Onsite physiotherapy and acupuncture - The team at Active Body Centre can help you get back into action after an injury, or make your day to day movement better!

Personal Trainers - To work with you for faster targeted results and higher motivation.

Expert nutrition advice - To help you get ultimate performance and weight loss results.


Come in and talk to us. We’ll give you a walk-though to show you our facilities, then get you to fill out an application form. We don't have any join, hold, or notice fees, and you can get started with a program and a session with a trainer for just fifty dollars. We recommend that you have a health check with your physician before undertaking any physical activity programme.


We've got a great new cafe running out of Results: Rise and Grind.  It's all fresh food with no added sugars or fillers.  They do breakfast, lunch, as well as slices (amazing!!!) and snacks.  Check out their Facebook Page for photos: