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Brad Josse - Owner/Trainer


Besides owning and managing Results Gym, Brad has over twelve years teaching and training hundreds of people, from beginners to top executives and elite athletes. 


When Brad opened Results Gym he envisioned a space that all ages and abilities could enjoy.  This means plenty of space as well as machines, and focusing on moving well and having fun while doing it!


A competitive athlete himself, Brad enjoys sprinting, jumping, and lifting heavy stuff.


He has also lectured at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) in the Diploma of Applied Fitness in the subjects of excerise prescription, fitness assessment and injury prevention.


Murray Fifield

Muzz has been creating and delivering unique and inspiring workouts for over 20 years now. You simply cannot beat this guy's experience!

A Nelsonian by birth, Muzz started his career running boxing classes and bootcamps in Australia, and hasn't looked back.

Since Returning to Nelson, he's blended his years of experience in boxing, martial arts and weight training to create a fun, exciting and effective way of training. Look forward to seeing you at Results.

027 3580478




Matt Ayloff

A former under 23 New Zealand football player, Matt is uniquely qualified to help young athletes develop and reach their athletic potential.  He has a practical knowledge of what it takes to achieve sport at a high level but also holds a diploma in Applied Fitness, and is currently working towards his Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Recreation.  Whether you want individual coaching or group/team fitness sessions, Matt is able to tailor workouts to suit your needs and expcations. 

Matt is also experienced in working with aging clients who need to restore movement to their lives.  A keen MotoX rider, Matt can literally help you get up to speed!

Text or ring Matt 021 886017


Tyson Fitzpatrick

A stronger, healthier better version of yourself is what Tyson believes in. This helps drive his passion of specific training to help you improve your health and wellbeing.

Tyson's focuses are:

  • Athletic development for all levels of sportsmen or women having previous experience working alongside high level coaches
  • Personalised training for fat loss that allow a maintainable result through nutritional advice, that targets general and athletic goals
  • Rehabilitation to prevent injuries from occurring and past injuries that haven't healed.

With a Certificate in Exercise Science & Diploma in Applied Fitness already under his belt, Tyson is currently working towards his Bachelor of Sport & Recreation.

Tyson's list of accomplishments doesn’t end with just academic credentials, he's got the practical experience as well. 

  • Head trainer for 2016 TRL grand champions Richmond Rabbits rugby league team
  • New Zealand Olympic weightlifting national’s competitor
  • SBINZ level two snowboard development coach

Just to name a few...

Contact Tyson Fitzpatrick:
027 527 8227


Luke Slotemaker

Luke focuses on a truly functional style of strength and fitness training that is designed for carry-over into recreational activities and everyday tasks.

Using a wide variety of equipment, Luke sets challenges that are fun, practical, and specializes in building real life strength.

Luke obtained his Degree with a Bachelor of Sport & Applied Fitness from Auckland University of Technology in 2015.

Luke Slotemaker is also the founder of Nelson’s Strongman/Women Challenge and was proclaimed “South-Islands Strongest Man 2015”.

He also offers nutritional plans, including animal free options.


Phone or Txt: 022 309 47877


Vincent Madden

Vincent’s goal is to help people live their lives on their own terms. Training them for their personal needs in life, from daily living to athletics. His journey to health and fitness began in his very early teens when he was sick of being the fat kid so he learned all he could about fitness and fat loss to get rid of the weight and has been training and learning ever since.

His specialities include:
•    Fat loss through training and nutritional advice
•    Training special populations to improve quality of life
•    Muscle development for sport or aesthetic purposes
•    Program writing and development for unique requirements
•    Group fitness through small group training and fitness classes

He has worked with people of all ages ranging from 15-75 and keen athletes to the morbidly obese giving him a wide variety of expertise. His qualifications include a Diploma in Applied Fitness as well as currently studying a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation to further his knowledge. 

Contact Info:
027 240 8530
Or search Live fit with Vin on Facebook



Our talented and highly trained professionals are on hand to assist you to reach your fitness goals:

Onsite physiotherapy and acupuncture - The team at Active Body Centre can help you get back into action after an injury, or make your day to day movement better!

Personal Trainers - To work with you for faster targeted results and higher motivation, with expert nutritonal advice!

Group Classes - We do it a little differently at Results! You pay the trainer directly (costs may vary).

Contact us on (03) 5481144 or email for more information.



Come in and talk to us. We’ll give you a walk-though to show you our facilities, then if you decide we are the gym for you, we'll get you to fill out a membership form. We don't have any joining, hold, or notice fees, and you can get started with a program and a session with a trainer for just $50. We recommend that you have a health check with your physician before undertaking any physical activity programme.


6 Nelson weightlifters, who all train here at Results Gym are heading to the World Masters Games 2017!